How it works (Getting an offer)


process - customers getting an offer

Our Difference

1. Offers for both You and your Business.

EveryDayOffers is designed to contain offers for both consumers / individuals and businesses. Discounts for everyone....

2. Ethical shopping experience & No middle-men. Buy directly from the Supplier.

You contribute directly to the suppliers' revenue and your money go directly where they should, without middle men. This also allows for flexibility and direct communication between you and the supplier.

3. Multiple offers for longer..worldwide.

Multiple offers in multiple locations around the UK (and wordwide) for longer periods of time.

4. Unique Map search, including full postcode search.

Find offers on a map which are close to where you are or where you want to go in the UK or abroad.

5. No annoying or irrelevant daily emails.

Find what you want when you want. We do not email you all the time.




A Quick Comparison

The following table demonstrated how this website compares to other websites relating to discounts and offers:



  Group-Buy sites (eg. GroupOn, etc)
x Offers only for consumers. tick Offers for both Businesses and Consumers.
x Payment is made to the website.. tick Direct payment to suppliers. You contribute directly to the supplier's revenue.
x Single or few deals for a single location concept. tick Multiple offers for multiple locations over several days/ weeks.
x Daily emails to consumers. tick Users find what they want, when they want. No annoying or irrelevant daily emails.
x Specific locations only. tick Full postcode and Map search.
x Offer focused promotion. tick

Customer focused promotion. Multiple offers at multiple locations with longer availability periods.

x Social media links in deal page only. tick Each offer receives individual social media links.