How it works (Posting an offer and attracting customers)



suppliers posting an offer and attracting customers



Our Difference

1. No Commission...forever!

Unlike other sites we do not charge (or plan to) charge commission. EveryDayOffers is simply an advertising platform aimed at connecting suppliers and customers, and bringing you more business via the use of offers, deals and discounts.

2. You collect payment directly from customers.

All payment are made directly to suppliers without middle men. The supplier receives the customer's details which are used to contact and charge the customer as per the terms and conditions (also known as 'fine print') of the offer.

3. You control sales volumes and offer duration.

You control how long your offer will be live on the EveryDayOffers website as well as how many sales/leads you wish to receive. Your offer can be online from 1 day to several months, with a sales limit that you define. Whichever limitation is reached first , your offer no longer appears.

4. SEO and Marketing benefits for your website.

Direct links to your website help not only with search engine optimisation (SEO) but by mentioning your business and website address we point visitors directly to your own website, where they can potentially find more information about your business and your entire range of products and services.




More Details


Cost: Submitting your offer is currently completely free, without any fees, commission or obligation. Our revenue currently comes from advertising but we will introduce a fixed cost per offer. This however applies only to new offers in the future. This will be simply an advertising cost and does not relate to your sales. Whether you make 100 or 10000 sales you do not pay any commission.


Sales: We promote/advertise your offer and then send clients to you. All sales/payment take place directly with customers. In the case where transactions require payment details, we securely transmit those to you for you to charge the client directly according to the terms and conditions stated in your offer. Where payment is not required we securely transmit the customer’s contact details to you. In short, it all happens between you and your customers directly, without any involvement from us.


Marketing: Your offer will be marketed on the website where your offer receives a dedicated page. Your offer will also be marketable through social media independently. Each offer has its own social media buttons associated to it, meaning that customers and visitors can help promote your offer and business further. Finally, we aim to promote all offers on our website by showing offers in least-viewed order, meaning that offers seen the least show higher than others, thus trying to ensure that all offers are seen by visitors.




A Quick Comparison

The following table demonstrated how this website compares to other websites relating to discounts and offers:



  Group-Buy sites (eg. GroupOn, LivingSocial)
x Offers only for consumers. tick Offers for both Businesses and Consumers.
x Commission from sales. tick No Commission.
x Supplier receives sales-income several days/weeks/months after the offer is published. tick Supplier receives payment directly from customers.
x No supplier protection from uncontrollable amounts of selling. tick Supplier defines duration of offer and sales volume limits.
x Single or few deals for a single location. tick Multiple offers for multiple locations over several days/ weeks.
x Specific locations only. tick Full postcode and Map search.
x Offer focused promotion. tick

Customer focused promotion. Presenting customers with multiple offers, where the ones seen the least appear higher than others.

x Social media links in deal page only. tick Each offer receives individual social media links.