About EveryDayOffers.co.uk


*Currently in Beta* - The website was launched in Beta, meaning that the site is stll undergoing development and improvements. With time we plan to add more features and new functionality as well as applications for mobile plaforms such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry, and introduce a range of location based and real-time services.


The EveryDayOffers.co.uk website

This website is a new way of connecting suppliers and customers of any kind and type, via the use of offers, deals and discounts.


One of the major differences is that the site is aimed at both consumers and businesses of any type. Furthermore, instead of offering customers one offer for one day for a single location, we have several offers every day available for several locations. In other words, the focus is more on the needs of the customer rather than the promotion of a single offer. What's more, any transactions and payments take place between the supplier and customers directly.



A Quick Comparison

The following table demonstrated how this website compares to other websites relating to discounts and offers:



  Group-Buy sites (eg. GroupOn, LivingSocial)   EveryDayOffers.co.uk
x Offers only for consumers. tick Offers for both Businesses and Consumers.
x Commission from sales. tick No Commission.
x Supplier receives sales-income several days/weeks/months after the offer is published. tick Supplier can receive sales-income immediately, directly from customers.
x No supplier protection from uncontrollable amounts of selling. tick Supplier defines duration of offer and sales volume limits.
x Single or few deals for a single location. tick Multiple offers for multiple locations over several days/ weeks.
x Daily emails to consumers tick Avoids spamming. Users find what they want, when they want.
x Specific locations only. tick Full postcode and Map search.
x Offer focused promotion. tick

Customer focused promotion. Presenting customers with multiple offers, where the ones seen the least appear higher than others.

x Social media links in deal page only. tick Each offer receives individual social media links.



The EveryDayOffers website is a product of the UK digital agency Naxtech.